Sterling Condominium Services Inc. (formerly Sterling Property Management Inc.), an Ontario incorporated company, was founded in 1976 to meet the ever-growing demands for professional property management.

We now have a varied portfolio, but believe in restricting our growth to the point where we can keep closely in touch with all our clients and their individual needs.

Our property management teams are backed by our Accounts Department which, besides managing the day-to-day financial needs of a community, offers practical advice on establishing accurate budget forecasts.

Sterling Condominium Services staff pride themselves on providing polite and courteous service in person and by phone. The staff at Sterling are easily reached. When clients call the office they are immediately connected to a human voice...not voicemail or a machine. After hours we do provide emergency service. Our Service will immediately contact the On-Call Manager in case of any emergency. We do ask that our residents only call the Emergency Service when there is a genuine emergency. If an emergency call is required, owners just call the main office number 416-299-9650.

We also provide other forms of communication so that we can always be reached.

Advantages of Professional Management for Community Owners

In a condominium, the Board of Directors appoints a professional condominium management company to manage the common elements and assets of the Condominium Corporation. The role of the professional condominium management company, is to provide quality and timely information to the Condominium homeowners' elected representatives (the Board of Directors). This enables the Board to make informed policy decisions pertaining to the preservation and care of the common elements and assets of the Condominium Corporation. They also make decisions pertaining to the welfare, safety and lifestyle of the residents. Once the Board has made a decision, the condominium management company is delegated and entrusted with the responsibility of implementing that decision in an expeditious and efficient fashion.

Sterling Condominium Services provides:

  • Experienced Personnel who are properly trained for the responsibilities they will undertake in operational management staff supervision and the establishment of preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Updating of all management techniques and systems, as necessary, based upon its own continuing management experience as well as that of other professionals gained through participation in trade and professional associations and subscriptions to specialized publications.
  • Depth of Organization so that someone is always available to cope with any situation, no matter whether arising out of emergency or the absence of the person(s) normally responsible due to illness, vacation or any other reason.
  • Management Continuity in administrative procedures and operational policies notwithstanding periodic changes in the officers and directors representing the community.
  • Objective Analysis by impartial management which can act somewhat as a buffer whenever there are variances in opinion or preferences between individual owners which might otherwise strain personal relationships.
  • Guidance in management-related fields such as insurance, realty assessments and altered procedures resulting from government legislation and regulation.


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